Word of the week: Progress

It's been a busy (and expensive) week, but we have made great progress with our bedroom. And it's all been very exciting too.  


Our new carpet is ordered and is being fitted next week. After another visit to the shop in Blackheath, some on the spot jiggery-pokery with the quote and a change of mind on exactly which carpet I wanted, it was all sorted and booked in. It's a caramel-ly coloured carpet and the beauty of the new choice is that it comes in a 5m and 4m width so it's a cost effective way of having the same carpet in our bedroom and the spare bedroom next door. 

And as I was in the Village I thought I should probably pop into the fabric shop too. They obviously spotted I meant business and soon had all sorts of gold materials from a number of books out and against my wallpaper sample (which is black with a gold and grey flower pattern). Previously we thought we'd go for a plain-ish grey for the curtains, to match the walls... 

But now the wallpaper's up they'd be nice, but perhaps a little safe so I thought we could be a little bolder. 

And so, the fabric shop man found the perfect colour match and thankfully the price wasn't extortionate so it became an option.  It's probably not a material I'd naturally choose but it matches perfectly. 

I was back the next day with MOH so he could see it before we ordered the new curtains as well. We decided to get a new curtain pole (as our old one was a bit, shall we say exhausted) and MOH thought we should get a man to fit it too. I know why, that's because the lintel above that window is rock hard and he doesn't fancy drilling into it again. Which is all fine by me. They've popped round already to measure up and I hope are busy sewing away, so I can have my new curtains as quickly as possible!

With a date set for the carpet, I could order the wardrobe. So I did. When I dug out the quote I was a bit surprised to find it was dated April 2013. So old, that the company had to phone me back once they'd found it, but we agreed what was needed, a slight change in the specification - we changed from frosted to standard doors, a new price and a date for those to be fitted too. 

So by the end of the month we'll have a decorated room, with carpet and a new wardrobe and hopefully the curtains too, or they won't be far behind anyway. So as I said exciting and progress!

The only thing we haven't made progress on is a delivery date of the new wall bedside lights which we ordered online mid-September and still don't know when they'll arrive, so that's a bit frustrating. But I've spoken to the lady there several times now and she knows I'm keen...

Although if it were down to MOH to choose a word, he'd probably say "about time!" (And yes, I know that's two words!)

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