The truth about: washing duvet covers

We have king size duvets on our double sized bed - that's because we wanted to increase our chances of each of us actually having some cover.  MOH will testify that while the logic is good, the practicality is flawed... Anyway, whoever has the covers - the jury's still out on that one as when I wake up short of covers, you can bet I find them on the floor on MOH's side - what is essential are duvet covers and clearly they need washing.  Now that's when I think these seemingly innocent looking items take their revenge. 

The seemingly innocent looking items

The seemingly innocent looking items

Why is it...

- they always seem to turn themselves inside out during the washing cycle? 

- while they're in the washing machine they always manage to gobble up every other item of clothing also being washed, so everything ends up inside the inside out duvet cover? 

- that hanging these monsters - a kingsize duvet cover is 8ft tall, I'm 5ft 2 - up to dry (inside or outside) makes you feel like you've failed somehow at origami? 

- when they're dry as you're folding them up you often find a scrunched up sock in the corner that it's been holding onto?

For me, actually putting the new duvet cover on the duvet is the easy bit - it's the battle of the washing, drying and folding I find more problematic. But, you can't beat a freshly laundered bed, now if any of you want to pop round and iron my bedding you'll be more than welcome!


What frustrates you about doing the washing, duvet covers or otherwise? Or is it the task you enjoy?

And then the fun began...