Word of the week: Fruition

This week I've chosen fruition as the word to sum up my week, well mainly because I didn't think "I love it when a plan comes together" would work as it's hardly a single word is it...


This week there's been big steps forward (not quite the giant strides MOH made earlier in the week) but we're close to actually moving back into our newly-decorated bedroom.  We've been sleeping in our spare bedroom on the top floor (our roof space was converted back in the 1970s, not by us) and it's been great to be able to do that, especially as it's a room that we don't usually get much use from. Even so it'll be nice to get back into our own room. 

After the new mattress arrived last week, this week it's been the turn of the new curtains and a new curtain pole. Both have been much awaited - as a bedroom without curtains, especially one that faces onto an A road isn't much use at all!  MOH was particularly keen on the new curtain pole as we also had someone come and put it up, so that meant he didn't have to. He put the previous one up and is proficient with a drill, but it was hard going as it involved drilling into the rock hard lintel above the window. It went in ok but over the years it gradually worked loose and started to lean into the room. 

I've been moving more of our clothes back into our bedroom, and although not everything's in there yet (we need some clothes on the same floor we're sleeping on) it looks like we have plenty of storage space. But while I've been moving clothes in, MOH has taken to secreting clothes back upstairs again...

In the spare room too plans are coming to fruition, although it does at times feel like a life size version of Tetris!  I've been moving boxes around again and some storage boxes are now in their final home in the wardrobe in the top bedroom, but of course that meant sorting out the top bedroom wardrobe first. Anyway, we can now see much more of the carpet in the spare room so I think I'm winning!

So you see, I really do love it when a plan comes together!

The Reading Residence