Love this 51: "My First Car" tape set

This week I'm sharing this cute "My First Car" tape set from Rockett St George. Having recently spent the afternoon in the company of a friend's four year old, his mum and his train set I can see how this would be a big hit. There's nothing better than a child's imagination and that afternoon I was reminded how magical that can be. He clearly saw me as a soft-touch as I became his play mate and was recruited to help modify the already built train track (I was no good at this), play shopping lists (I was better at this), have an imaginary tea party (managed this ok, but struggled to help build the den), fly planes and drive cars (I think I did ok at these).  It was quite an afternoon...

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The "My First Car" tape setcosting £12.95 comes with a tiny little toy car and a roll of masking tape printed with road markings and hours of fun in one small package.  There's 33 metres of road which can be stuck to most surfaces so the sky's the limit where you can go.  Or if you'd prefer there's also a train track - "My First Train Track" tape set.

There's plenty of other gift ideas too on Rockett St George's site. I also liked the Ridley's Springy Toy by Wild and Wolf or slinky as we called them back in the Seventies I had hours of fun encouraging it to go down the stairs!  

And there's also this set of Build your Own Roller Coaster Straws which brings a touch of engineering and fun to having a drink. We had some "curly-wurly" straws as kids and were always fascinated at how the liquid travelled up the straw - even though it always went the same way!  


Perhaps some of these may just find their way into my Christmas shopping...