Word of the week: Game-plan

This week it's been about Christmas for me.  Not full blown-on Christmassy things but more about setting myself a carefully thought out strategy to deal with everything that needs to be done, so that's why this week I've chosen game-plan as my word of the week.  It'll make a change to my usual frenzied approach anyway... 


I'd already ordered the meat from the butchers a few weeks back - we're having cockerel, which is a change from turkey and a first for us, so I hope it's ok.  The butcher said that turkeys were likely to be bigger this year as because we'd had a mild autumn they'd eat more. The cockerels should be a bit smaller and as there's just four of us Christmas Day it seemed a good option for us. I'm still expecting there to be plenty of leftovers though, as there's really nothing better than cold meats, pickles and bubble and squeak on Boxing Day is there?  

This week I've planned the menus (at a high-level) for Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day, when we'll have family visiting and so I've a clearer idea of what we'll eat, what I want to make and what I'll need to buy. And on that my Christmas Ocado shop arrives later - clearly a month early - but it will have everything non-perishable I need. My challenge will be to not snaffle the Chocolate Orange Segments.

I've also sketched out ideas for Christmas presents too, which I hope will at least give me a starting point. And cards, I'm making them. I've been saying this since the start of November but I've actually started on them now and had a bit of a production line going yesterday afternoon. I think spurred on by making sure they're made, written and ready to post second class - I've no idea when the last posting days are but this year I'm planning to be well within them. And yes I'm sending my cards out second class - well have you seen the price of stamps lately?!

So my game-plan is pretty much set, the next step involves much more (as you all know) and will be the true test of my game-plan and that's implementation!   I'm sure it will be fine... 

How's your pre-Christmas organising going?

The Reading Residence