Love this 52: Compact external battery charger by Anker

It wasn't until 2012 that I became an Apple convert, until then I'd never used one of their products - not even an iPod. In 2012 after much research I bought my iPhone 4 and I was smitten. The following year I bought an iPad and now that usually means one or the other is in my hands, or not far away. Sadly as with any device that's shall we say no longer the newest model, the battery life is no longer so great. Yes there's tips for getting the most out of your battery - and I've tried lots of those, some more workable than others.

Even so I want to use my phone, apps and camera when I'm out and about, but I don't want to be left without any battery incase the unthinkable happens and I need it in an emergency. I also like to text MOH on my way home so he knows what train I'm on, what time I'll be home and to pre-order a nice cup of tea... Yes, I know I'm spoilt!

So anyway, that's where this Anker external battery charger comes in. Once again I'd done my research and this Anker device got good reviews. So I bought one, on Amazon UK - at £13.99 I thought it'd be worth a go. It's full name on Amazon is a bit of a mouthful it's: "Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh Ultra-Compact Lipstick-Sized Portable Power Bank Pack External Battery Charger with PowerIQ Technology.....blah, blah, blah "


When it arrived I quickly spotted that it wasn't lipstick sized. It's compact, but if it's lipstick sized then I've been buying miniature lipsticks... And I'm pretty sure I haven't! Infact I know I haven't. 

My lipstick is in the foreground

My lipstick is in the foreground

It does however do what it says and I can now charge my iPhone while I'm out and about. And while it's in my handbag. I was surprised at how quickly it charged it too, which is another bonus. So all in all I'd say this is a nifty little device which I regularly add to my handbag (along with my charging cable*) when I'm heading out for the day.  I think it'd make a great gift for someone who like me, more often than not has their mobile or tablet in their hands - and it comes in gold, black, blue and pink if silver isn't their thing.

 ...And in case you're wondering I still don't know how to work an iPod properly - I'm afraid I just don't understand them. Thank goodness my iPhone and iPod are more intuitive!


*It comes with a micro USB cable, a travel pouch (which is functional and dull, but could easily be replaced) and is packaged well.