Word of the week: Extremes

It's been a week of extremes here this week in lots of ways, including the weather!  After the warmest Halloween on record where it almost felt like summer again to the first frost on the rooftops here yesterday morning.  It is November so we've done well to last it out this long, but the heating is most definitely on!


The change in temperature has led to some extreme condensation too on the skylight at the top of our stairs. It's the worst I've seen it and no doubt wasn't helped by not having the heating on regularly. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The condensation has called for some extreme cleaning methods too. I decided that I'd give the skylight a clean as that might help with the condensation, and prevent it dripping onto the wooden stair treads below... My brainwave was to use the mop so I could reach, but what I hadn't planned for was for its absorbency levels - or rather lack of - so I got a bit of a shower the first time I tried it. I'm a quick learner, so the second time I tied an old tea towel onto the mop and it worked a treat.  It's not pretty, but it seems to do the job but let's just say you won't be seeing me anytime soon with it on Dragon's Den!

In the garden we have some extreme leaf collecting underway too after our three sycamore's were pollarded to prevent any further squirrel-chewing (see Our "twiglet" sycamore trees).  Thankfully we only have the leaves from one of the trees (the rest were taken away on the back of a van) but it's extreme as they all need moving at once rather than when they'd fall of their own accord!

There's been more cardboard box activity too, including rearranging and unpacking some in the study as well as in our bedroom which has meant at times I've been a hive of activity and at others slumped on the sofa recovering!  That's pretty extreme too - but it's getting there!!

What's your week been like? 

The Reading Residence