Word of the week: Homemade

This week it was an easy choice for me, thankfully my va va voom returned and I've had a much more productive week. There's been a definite theme to my week though, and homemade fits perfectly. 


The long-promised Christmas cards have been made, written, addressed and posted.  And can I just say, before the last posting dates... They have gone second class too, another fact I'm proud of!  I made three designs in the end, each of them featuring Christmas trees. There were twenty or so of each design so I had a mini production line on the go at one point. I'm planning to share more here, but not just yet as I want them to arrive at their destinations first. 

I've also made a Christmas wreath, which I'm just a little bit proud of. It wasn't as hard as I thought and in fact I made another one with the excess of greenery I'd cut from (and found in) our garden. 

And I've made some fudgeChristmas pudding and white chocolate and cherry flavours.  It is divine, but it seems to be evaporating... there's definitely less of it than there was at the start of the week! I'll share more about the fudge here on Monday, sadly I won't be able to actually share any fudge though. 

And then there's been the beef stock. Not traditional Christmas fare granted, but when I spotted some large marrowbones in the butcher's window two of them made it home with me. A couple of pieces have been frozen to serve roasted alongside steak at some point, but the rest have been roasted and then boiled with carrots, onions and seasoning to make some stock for the freezer. 

It's not just me either, MOH has been getting into the spirit of homemade too, undertaking the serious business of feeding his homemade Christmas puddings some brandy. There's absolutely no chance of them drying out and every chance they'll be a little fireball on Christmas Day when a match is floated within two foot of them!  

I've still some gift tags to make and to sort through which decorations we'll use this year, and I'm off to get a tree later today. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here...

The Reading Residence