Word of the week: Lethargic

It could be the weather, it's been damp and dreary here most days this week and it's been far from inspiring.  It's the sort of weather where I want to stay in and contemplate hibernating...  It's not been a bad week, I've got things done but I've just got this feeling that perhaps I could have done more. But instead I'll just have another cup of tea or ten minutes here or I'll just read that article there and suddenly an hour has gone - that's why this week my word is lethargic. 


If it's not the weather, perhaps it was the busy start to the week?  Monday saw a day in town with some shopping, lots of browsing - see West Elm dreaming, lunch out, a walk around Bloomsbury and some lost time in Foyles on Charing Cross Road. Then Tuesday was super fun but also busy with a film crew from WRAP here. I spent the day talking about how I recycle food waste, demonstrating this and chopping fruit and vegetables for cut away shots. They're planning a campaign in the early part of next year, so when I know more I'll let you know. I don't know why I'm surprised though, as I've always found talking sense for a day tiring!

I think it's a temporary thing, well I hope so, because I've still lots to do (yes, I know I've always got lots to do) and perhaps it's just my body's way of slowing me down a bit... I'm really hoping it's not the start of some lurgy, as this Christmas I wanted to break my own time honoured tradition of being ill while entertaining family here - it's really not one I'm keen on!

How's your week been?