Black & White photo: Park bench

On New Year's Day if we're home we always go for a walk to Greenwich Park. It's always a busy day in the park with many people having the same idea either to blow the cobwebs from the previous evening's festivities away or to tire the kids out on their new bikes. This year was no different and we headed through the flower garden and towards the duck pond. 

We spent longer than we planned to watching the duck's antics and in particular one small web-footed bird who was walking precariously along the top of a small fence. It looked like he might jump, but wasn't too sure about it. As we gave up watching him, of course he jumped and landed successfully in the water and typically I missed the shot.

But as I turned to walk away I spotted this:


How lucky was I? And how beautiful is the decaying hydrangea flower head on the park bench. I couldn't have planned it better myself...