My 2014 continued (Part 2)

I had a busy and fun-filled first six months of the year and I'm not expecting anything less for the rest of the year, so grab a cup of tea and join me for a whistle stop look at July to December. 

July started spotty - MOH caught chicken pox, and not being the spring chicken he once was, he got it bad and was really quite ill with it. I'm not sure it was helped by the weather either as it was so warm he couldn't get comfortable, it was stuffy in the house and too hot in the garden. He was signed off work for three weeks in the end and would much rather have had this horrible disease when he was much younger.  


I didn't let his spottiness curtail my activities though, in fact I was probably glad to get out for a bit. There was a fun evening of softball in Regents Park to remember a friend and former colleague (and despite the trophy we didn't win!) 

I managed to cram in visits to Borough Market, Smithfields and St Barts and found a park I'd never discovered before - Postman's Park - despite working about ten minutes away for the past thirty years. 

When the chicken pox were no longer contagious we managed a weekend in Devon and visited the National Trust properties Tintinhull Garden and Killerton, both of which were new to us and beautiful but we weren't quite expecting the Bear House at Killerton!  


Back home, albeit briefly and my tomatoes were starting to form which was as exciting as it always is - I mean, real food growing in your garden, how cool is that. Yes, I should get out more... I also spotted that tree with humongous leaves and started following it each month - I've been to visit it recently, it's still there, still bare and not so much to say about it right now. I also finished knitting my wooly hat - yes, just what was needed in a hot month! 


It was also my dad's 80th birthday and we had a family weekend at Centre Parcs, Elvedon Forest. It was a great weekend and we had fun times cycling through the grounds, geocaching and in the hot tub! My dad celebrated his birthday by zip wiring, as you do! And no, I didn't. But we did sneak in a visit to Ickworth on our way home!

Oh and yes, I completed my 500 miles challenge clocking up a total of 554.78 miles. 


Thankfully August was a bit quieter and mostly home-based - we emptied our compost bin, and I finally hung my new sign in the garden. I joined Instagram and immediately took part in #31daysofpaper and #augustbreak and enjoyed them both immensely. There was some DIY too where I was reminded of our DIY-incompatibility as we put up our new front light I had sympathies for the Statue of Liberty. Health-wise my long time overactive thyroid finally calmed down and I was able to stop taking daily medication for the first time in a year and a half. So in just another twelve to eighteen months I might, just might be able to give blood again...

As the weather was still nice we decided to book a week away in September. As soon as we booked our week in Cornwall typically the weather changed and there was a real danger we'd be rained out. Thankfully though it changed again and we had a great, if not busy week away. I've shared some posts  already from our trip but there's still more to come - I'll be sharing these soon as part of my new Sun on Saturday series of posts, so watch out for those. 

Later that month we headed up to Norfolk where I was roped into some flower arranging, I took some photos of my dad's garden and visited Bircham windmill. And then the decorating started in our bedroom - finally. 

In October we started to unpack our clothes into real wardrobes - such a treat! - and the tree with humongous leaves was identified as a Paulownia Tomentosa, yes indeed. I also shared some sweet pea love which had flowered late but kept going and going...


By November I was putting my blog move plans into action and moved here, I was glad to move as I think my new site shows my photos much better and I had some great photos of the Tower of London poppies to share, including some from our time volunteering in the moat planting poppies


At home we had our troublesome sycamore trees pollarded, the falling branches earlier in the year were caused by squirrel damage so it made sense to remedy this as soon as we were able to. I'm glad we did, especially with the winds picking up right now as I'm pretty sure more branches would be down by now. After the work finished they really did look like Twiglet trees

In our run up to Christmas we popped over to Syon Park to see the Enchanted Woodland and was blown away by the trees and the laser show. It was a great way to kick off Christmas. Having time this year my Christmas preparations were in full swing with Christmas wreaths, Poinsettias and Christmas trees as well as Christmas cards. 


So all in all it's been a busy year - looking back I'm surprised at just how much I've packed in and I know one thing, I wouldn't have changed any of it. Now I've finished looking back at 2014, it's time to start looking forward to 2015 and everything that it'll bring. I know one thing, it'll have to go someway to topping 2014 but it's already off to a good start as we're heading off to Dorset for a few days at the end of the month, well you know how much I like some time away!