Word of the week: Mouth

It's been an easy choice for me this week, but sadly it hasn't been a good week for my mouth...


It was Monday lunchtime and I fancied something to eat so I rustled up some cheese and biscuits. Clearly not the best move as the next thing I knew there was a shooting pain in my mouth, thinking a shard of biscuit had got stuck somewhere I carried on - well, it was a nice bit of Stilton. But I couldn't dislodge whatever was caught so I thought I'd better investigate. Next thing I knew a filling jumped out and spun around the bathroom sink like a ball bearing in a roulette wheel, only thing was I knew I wasn't winning!

I managed to finish the cheese but knew I needed a dentist visit so set about finding one. I've an appointment for Monday so that's not so bad, and I thought I could limp along fine until then and didn't think it warranted an emergency appointment. However I was unprepared for how my body was going to deal with this, clearly spotting a weakness it decided to present me with a few mouth ulcers. So I've a hole on one side and ulcers on the other, thanks mouth. 

So as you can imagine this week my world's been dominated by my mouth; at times it's got me down, at times though I've forgotten about it but when it comes to food it's been ever present. I know it'll be easily fixed (I've got my fingers crossed!) and despite not being a huge fan of the dentists, I'm really looking forward to my visit on Monday.

It's not all been bad, I did manage a smile when I finally took the plunge and ordered myself a lovely cycle basket, which comes complete with a fabulous looking bike! Seriously, it's all about the basket for me... 


So I'm off to play the most appropriate CD I have and one that complements my word of the week - Astro Lounge by yeap... Smash Mouth! What else should I listen to?

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