PaperyPeep: Travel plans

So after a glut of paper last month, I had to think about what to share this month. And then it struck me - especially as I was in the middle of one - I'd share how I note down where we might visit once we've got a trip booked.  

And what better title for a notebook?


So before we head off I like to think about where we might visit while we're away. I'll note which are National Trust, we're members so like to make the most of our membership wherever we are in the country. I'll add the postcode or nearest town for the Sat Nav and I'll also add in brackets the approximate driving time from where we're staying. 

It may seem a bit OTT but it means I won't have to do it the morning before we leave the cottage where we're staying and makes it much easier to have the "what do you want to do today" conversation. And while I usually book a cottage with Internet, you never really know how good or how reliable it'll be.

Sadly there aren't any steam trains to Corfe Castle while we're there  

Sadly there aren't any steam trains to Corfe Castle while we're there  

So you may have worked out from the list above I'm planning a trip to Dorset - and you'd be right. MOH had some holiday to use up and we're hoping that by going south we'll escape any snow, although I'm still expecting it to be pretty chilly. Let's hope it's crisp and bright rather than damp and soggy, especially as a lot of these places are outside (there's not many properties open so early in the year).

And in case you're wondering there's more on my list than we can ever hope to achieve, I like to have a plan B in my back pocket... well actually my handbag.

The other thing I like to do, which I'll agree looks a little more obsessive is to (roughly) map out where everything is in relation to each other and to where we're staying. It helps if we get somewhere and choose not to go in for whatever reason or if we spend less time than we were expecting somewhere. It means we'll know what else is close by without having to search for the Internet or drive around looking for something to do.  


The good thing about doing all this in advance is that it's done and we can spend time relaxing, whether that's where we're staying or in the village pub!  ...You see there's method to my madness.

Is there anywhere you'd add to my list? 

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