Black & White photo: Beside the bed

This week I thought I'd continue my "bedroom theme" and share some pictures from our newly decorated bedroom in black and white. They're a bit different to anything I've shared before but I think, no worse for it. 

The first is of our bedside tables, looking down onto a section of it. The frame is metal - iron I presume and the top is glass, but in between there's a layer of smashed glass which glints away in the sun.  


The second is of our new LED wall lights, which we replaced as part of the redecorations. We had wall lights before and they're brilliantly practical. Here I've caught them on a sunny day alongside the bedstead and I'm loving the shadows in this shot. 


Tomorrow I'm sharing more pictures of our decorated bedroom, so pop back to see it in colour. And don't forget to take a look at the prep, painting and papering post as well as the one on our new wardrobes