Word of the week: Practical

It's been a practical kind of week over here, which is fine and only to be expected as things start to return to normal after the Christmas and New Year break. 


There's been plans and to do lists, healthy eating (well healthier anyway) and fitness regimes. Both MOH and I are back running, but not yet together - he's way more advanced than me and his muscle memory for running springs back in no time at all. Mine takes a bit longer, but that said it hasn't been as hard as I thought so that's something. His is more pressured as he's running the Winter 10k in London on 1 February, he'll do it easily enough as long as he stays mostly injury free. 

I've finished my #52Cookbooks challenge (see 52 new recipes in 2014) but I haven't finished cooking on the blog yet. I saw some Seville oranges in the greengrocers so later today I'll be making some marmalade which looks relatively easy and fits with practical too. The cognac I'll add is slightly less practical but I'm sure a tablespoon between the four or so jars I'll make will be fine. The recipe is from the January 2003 Good Food magazine which I'm using as my #MagAMonth this month (look out for a round up post towards the end of January). 

I've been taking photos out of albums and putting them into storage boxes - yes, strange I know, but the boxes hold more and take up less space so it's a more practical solution. I've also been taking some time to backup and store our digital photos online after our external hard drive failed earlier this week and sadly, I think I've lost the photos stored there. So I've been zipping them up and littering the Internet with them to avoid losing any more in the future - but I've had to make a note of what's where so I stand a chance of finding them again.  

I've still been looking for my word for 2015 and I'm between two - the one my gut says I should have and the one that sounds a bit more sexy and exciting. I know which way I should go, so that's the practical side of me trying to influence the more flighty side!  I'm pretty sure it'll win too. 

And lastly I've been getting to grips with my tax return. It's another thing that you think will be worse than it is, but I've needed peace, quiet and a clear head to ensure I'm putting the right numbers in the correct boxes. Today's about checking it again, in between stirring the marmalade!

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