My garden at the end of September

Earlier this week I was tempted out into the garden. The sun was shining and although the grass was still wet with dew it was clear that right now there were different plants taking their turn to shine. The sedums with their dusty pinks looked particularly pleased to be basking in the sun.


The tagetes and scabiosa, both of which I grew from seed continue to flourish with their yellows and whites mixing easily. There's still buds on the scabiosa and it'll be interesting to see if they flower.

There's plenty of other yellows too. One of the ornamental quince bushes has some quite large fruit on. It's the one I pruned quite severely last year, perhaps that's why. Does anyone know if ornamental quince fruits are edible?

The long-lasting primroses are once again starting to flower after a rest of a month or so. This golden yellow one is quite happily nestled in the mint, which continues to grow where it's not allowed to.

I still have plenty of rhubarb, so perhaps I'll be making some rhubarb jam or at least roasting it and storing it in the freezer, well what I don't eat anyway. My plan is to move the rhubarb over to the allotment when the time is right. I'll need to read up on when's best to do that as I don't want to miss out on my rhubarb next year.

The Japanese anemones which I bought in Norfolk at the start of the month are continuing to flower.

On the opposite side of the garden the geraniums and the heartsease are enjoying the sun.

The other pink touches in my garden are the fuchsias who are dancing away like pretty ballerinas.

It's been lovely to see the sun again this week. I know it won't be around for too much longer so let's enjoy it while we can!