My week this week: New

Starting a new job and going back to work after a year and a half or so meant this week was always going to be busy, and different to my weeks for a while. And the word that sums it up for me is an obvious one.


1. A new job

It has been a long time coming, I'll admit and for almost all the time I've been away from work MOH has been encouraging me to go back. Well he frequently said "get back to work" so I'm sure that was meant as encouragement... My new role is providing communications support for a local housing association. It's not a sector I've worked in before and there's lots to learn, but my new colleagues are keen to share their knowledge, for which I'm grateful.

2. A driving commute

This is also new to me, for thirty years of my working life my commute was squishing onto a train into the City. But not now, I've a thirty minute or so drive, depending on traffic to my new workplace. It's quite an experience and I'm still testing routes and times to find what works best. 

I've already discovered that one of the lengthiest parts of the journey is actually getting out of the car park at the end of the day. It seems lots of people have a similiar idea at the same time.

3. Being the new girl

It's a little strange being the new girl again. It's something I've not done for a while having worked in my previous organisation for almost thirty years. A new job there was not such a new job as this one as the environment was familiar, if you know what I mean.

It is quite empowering being the new girl though and I must make the most of it asking questions to find out how the company works while I'm still sporting this banner.

4. New routines

Well let's just say I need to be up and about earlier than I have been - and I need to be looking presentable too (see below) I'm already missing the cup of tea in bed that MOH brought me while I wasn't working. I'd love for that to continue (although he's not so keen) but as I'm not really a morning person waking up earlier just for tea in bed probably wouldn't work either.

As well as a new morning routine, I'm also working out my new blogging routine. I've still got lots to say, so I'm not planning on going anywhere but I need to find a routine that works alongside everything else.

5. Raiding my wardrobe

An obvious one maybe but working in an office means wearing office style clothes. This week I've finally ditched my flip flops - although that's  mostly down to the chilly weather and it's been fun to dig out my work clothes and wear them and heels again. Although I still think tights are a necessary evil.


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