My week this week: Treats

This week there's been a few treats here and there, not all planned it seems they've just worked out that way. It's been nice and I'm not complaining at all...


1. New shoes

I sorted through and cleared out some shoes over the summer, when I got my shoe storage sorted and at the time I noticed a distinct lack of black shoes. Well I had two pairs after the sort through, a favourite pair of high and patent NNNN and another leather court style from Faith which for some reason I've not quite broken in. But nothing more. It hadn't done anything about it as I had some wine coloured patent heels and some black and wine patent Mary Janes (hmmn, it seems I'm rather partial to some shiny patent shoes!) However now I'm wearing more of my work clothes I felt a shiny pair of black patent heels would be just the thing. 

So with a week of work done I headed off to the local shoe shop. I quickly found the shoes I wanted - and even better they were the same style as the wine patent shoes I already had, and they're the ones that are super comfortable so that was a result.  

However next to them on the shelf were another pair that stole my heart. They were tan, grey and navy Mary Janes and I was sorely tempted. With resolve I didn't know I had I tried the black shoes and said I'd have them. Then something quite unexpected happened; MOH who already thinks I have too many shoes suggested if I liked the others so much then to get them both.  

Well, who was I to argue? And fairly soon after I left the shop with both pairs.  

My new shoes (and my old ones too for that matter) haven't gone unnoticed at work, and already people are looking out for them!  Well, I do like a nice pair of shoes...



2.  A browse around the record shop in Greenwich

Record shops aren't usually my kind of shop. I remember spending many a time as a teenager hanging around record shops - probably Our Price - while my friends flicked through many records, it was just something I never really got. But at the weekend MOH wanted to check to see if the record shop was still in Greenwich - I didn't even know there was one, let alone if it was still there. So remembering my teenage experiences I tagged along reluctantly.

It was still there and for the first time ever I found myself flicking through a rather large pile of singles. I narrowed the large pile to a slightly smaller pile and then further still and left with these, and at 50p each they didn't break the bank. And what's even better is their middle has been removed so they'll easily fit my Jukebox (yes, everyone has a Jukebox don't they?)

  1. Underground by David Bowie
  2. Oh Yeah by Roxy Music
  3. Crazy for you by Madonna
  4. Tragedy by the Bee Gees
  5. Best Years of our Life by Modern Romance

3. Lush Design lampshades

Since we discovered at least a couple of nice table lights that we weren't using I've been meaning to get some nice new lampshades for them. I'd looked on the Lush Designs website and saw many designs that I liked. I decided that even though these were destined for either side of our spare bed they didn't need to match, that way I'd get to choose two of the designs instead of one. But which two. 

To get an idea of the colours and to make sure they were similar enough a visit was needed. We left the shop with two lampshades and some oven gloves and I'll share more of those another day. But here's a sneak peek at the oven gloves - fab aren't they?

4. Tea cooked for me

I'm quite liking this going back to work lark. MOH has already cooked tea a couple of times for me and he's also remembering to do the tasks I've delegated him, things like buying milk on the way home and putting the wheelie bins out.  Now I just need to perfect those Baked Apples, or perhaps I'll delegate that job too!

5. Mini Magnums

I found a couple lurking in the freezer, so it seemed rude not to eat them. But somehow it felt more of a treat eating these this week and not in a "let's make space in the freezer" kind of way! I wonder if there's any more in there...


How's your week been?

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