My week this week: Baking

Another nice word to describe this week and even better is that MOH has been baking too - he's much better at pastry than me, so often gets the pastry jobs. Even better he doesn't mind! 


1. Fig and almond tart

The week started with MOH in the kitchen baking Jamie's fig and almond tart for dessert for his mum's birthday meal. We had a pastry panic as the shop bought pre-rolled sweet shortcrust pastry didn't look as if it would be big enough for the tart tin. That led to a block of shortcrust pastry being defrosted in the microwave - a delicate task that I was entrusted to. With this done I was allowed to escape to the allotment, where I marvelled at the autumn leaves and got wet putting in my onions

When I got home I discovered that in the end there was enough of the pre-rolled pastry after all, which left us with a surfeit of pastry which has led to even more baking.

The tart was very tasty and definitely one to add to our repertoire - anything with frangipane is a winner in my book - but in the rush to eat it I missed taking a photo. But take my word for it, it was good. I saw yesterday a recipe for some frangipane topped mince pies, and well I'm willing to give it a go in the name of research!

2. Sourdough Bread

There's been sourdough bread again this week, and I've been trying to work it into my work-life routine. Making sourdough is easy to do especially as there's no kneading, but it's a time thing. It needs at least eight hours, or overnight to prove before cooking for half an hour. I know it can be done with some planning and I just need to work it out and make that part of my routine again, because there really is nothing better than bread you've made yourself. 

And if you want to give it a go, here's how I make sourdough bread.


3. Onion tarts  

With pastry to use up the challenge was what to make without surrounding ourself with desserts.  I decided that Onion tarts were just the thing, although I had no real idea quite how to go about it. They turned out well and we've had them in our lunch boxes with a green salad a couple of times this week which has made a nice change to sandwiches. I'll consider making some other kind of tarts for lunches in the future, even MOH has remembered to take his onion tart lunch with him, so they must be good!

4. Treacle tart

So with a short notice visit to Norfolk on the cards and still some pastry to put to good use I've made a Treacle tart to take with us. It's a pudding I remember being a family favourite as we grew up, and I'm hoping that we'll be able to serve it with its traditional accompaniment of clotted cream. I know it's not healthy, but what the heck a treacle tart is never going to be healthy is it? 

I hope it tastes ok, and you'll be pleased to know I've done  better at remembering to take a picture. 


5. And the one that got away, Apple crumble cake

I've a few apples to use still and I'd planned to make an apple crumble cake. Which to me seems the best of both worlds - apple crumble and cake. I haven't quite got there yet, but I hope to. I've found that I have some time when I get in from work, which after a cup of tea I can be quite productive, and this week that hour or so has been my baking hour. I've felt very domesticated, almost goddess like in fact!


How's your week been?

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