My week this week: Out

Well it's been a busy one here and still the weather is very un-November-like. I can't help thinking that at some point this will end and there'll be pay back. But for now we're making the most of it. 


 Last weekend, we headed out to the Firework display on Blackheath for a fantastic pyrotechnic display. It was busy, as usual but I was pleased I managed to snap a good firework shot for once!


The next day once the rain had stopped we had some time on the allotment. In fact the rain helped our task as we decided to move the little apple tree from one end of the plot to a more sensible place near our new compost bins, where I won't mind it casting its shade as it grows. 


It's only about four foot tall but of course it won't be that height for ever. MOH dug around the tree and worked on loosening its roots, while I started digging over its new home in part of the allotment that we've not used so far. 

Once the tree was out, a new hole was quickly dug and it was soon back in again. I'm hoping that the weather has been kind to it this week as by the time we're home from work it's too dark to pop over to give it a drink.

Monday evening saw us head to Canary Wharf to see Huey Morgan of the Fun Loving Criminal, and most recently on Radio 6. He's not someone I'd come across before but is a very talented man with an amazing voice. It was a small gig and we somehow got seats right at the front and alongside some press photographers who knew Huey from work they'd done together before. 

And as seems to be the way with me and concerts I didn't know much (if any) of their stuff beforehand. It didn't matter either - in truth it never does - but most of the songs were from the Huey and the New Yorkers album which incidentally all the profits are donated to veterans because as he said "Scooby Snacks has been good to us."


It was great to see them on stage having fun and performing because they wanted to, and not because they had to I'm sure that makes a difference to the performance. And I left converted and with another addition to my musical repertoire.

But out doesn't end there. Wednesday night saw me dashing off to the Black Horse Studios in Walthamstow  for an evening to learn more about screen printing from the very talented Dan Heath. It was fascinating to hear how he designs and hand prints his intricate and art-deco inspired wallpapers, and to have a go myself. I'll be sharing a post on that soon, but in the meantime here's the results of our first attempt at screen printing. 


Last night I had a night out in Windsor after spending some time in a nearby office during the day. It's been many years since I last visited and I was struck by just how pretty a place it is. It was also a bit of a late one which means tonight will be the complete opposite of out!

How's your week been?  

The Reading Residence