Love This #63: Coin jewellery by Rachel Eardley

Shortly after stepping through the doors at MADE London I found myself in front of some of the most exquisite jewellery I've ever seen. I know that's a big statement, but just look:


The more I looked, the more I saw. And I started to wonder...

And yes, each of the pendants above are made from cutting the design from a coin. Rachel uses real coins and turns them into the most stunning jewellery. I wanted to dig out my purse and check just what designs were on the coins I had, but I resisted well, until later anyway.

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before and I love how an everyday object - and one that's so functional - becomes so beautiful with Rachel's craftsmanship. I've since looked on her website and she says

"I am inspired by the simple day to day objects in our homes..."

Truly stunning work Rachel.


Disclaimer: I was given free entry to MADE London, but all words and opinions are my own