My week this week: Motley

This week I haven't spotted a theme to my week so I'm choosing motley as the word to sum it up. I could have chosen random or varied, but I think motley is a nicer word. It also reminds me of a favourite cartoon from many years ago, Dastardly and Muttley. I know it's not that close but it makes me smile, every time.


Last weekend MOH was due to take part in a 70 mile cycle around parts of Norfolk. Well Norfolk can be windy at the best of times and Saturday wasn't shaping up to be very nice at all weather wise. Sunday was supposed to be better, but in truth it would have been hard to beat the horizontal rain, the sleet and the 60mph winds. Not weather I'd really fancy a cycle in either. 

Thankfully though the event was cancelled very early on Sunday morning as the weather forecast wasn't great. I guess that the organisers weren't so keen to have up to 2,000 cyclists blow and slide around the country roads and to be honest, while MOH was disappointed it was ok by me. 

Instead it was a lazy day eating some of the cake from the previous day's cake sale, enjoying the hearty venison casserole that mum rustled up and learning a new craft which involved folding material called Kanzashi, which I'll be sharing more of soon before heading home.

On Monday I shared a different kind of post about how I fell in love with a house I'd never seen, which led to much discussion and formulating a life plan. It's a post that seemed to connect with quite a few people, but I guess that's testament to our relationship with houses.

Tuesday saw us heading into town after work for drinks and dinner. MOH had a list of possible restaurants - all in various parts of town - we tried the first one that was selling giant pizzas but were unlucky as there was an hour wait. After that we abandoned the list and headed to an old favourite that used to be a regular haunt of ours fifteen years or so ago. It was nice to go back and revisit, and the margaritas were just as good as I remembered. Yes I know cocktails on Tuesday, whatever next?

Then later in the week I stumbled across some photos from my visit to Polesden Lacey back in July, which for whatever reason I'd not edited or shared before. That resulted in a peek into the Head Gardener's Office, which looks a fabulous place to potter around in. And now that I've found them, I've no doubt there'll be a couple more posts from there next week. 

So yes, quite a mixed and varied week and motley sums it up nicely. How's your week been?

The Reading Residence