My week this week: Clio

This week, it's been all about my car - my little Clio, it's clearly wanted and needed some attention. 


1. A flat tyre

Well last Friday evening was eventful. Our plan was to travel to Norfolk after work so we could make the most of the weekend. It was a day of traffic every way you turned in South London, so getting home from work took longer than usual. And strangely the car was feeling a bit sluggish too. As I got closer to home it got worse and I heard that flap-flap sound of a flat tyre. 

And sure enough it was flat. Or as my uncle pointed out "it was only flat at the bottom"  Hmmmnn, not so good for a two and a half hour trip to Norfolk. 


Thankfully the open-all-hours-tyre shop just down the road was still open and he had a tyre that fitted my little Clio. Once it was fitted he said he could only take cash, cue much dashing about to the cash machine to sort that out. But sort it we did and after tea we headed off to Norfolk with the bike strapped onto the back of the car.

I said the traffic was bad and it took us at least thirty minutes to get to the Blackwall Tunnel, and where we are we could have probably walked it quicker than that. But we didn't as it would have been a long walk to Norfolk afterwards! We had a lovely relaxing weekend, only to drive home again in the fog Sunday evening.

2. A wash and brush up

While in Norfolk I thought it was time to treat the car to a wash and brush up at the local car wash. So on Sunday afternoon we headed there and moved around the stations being hosed, soaped, scrubbed, hosed and dried. It was only after the second lot of hosing that I remembered that I should have warned the spider that's taken to living in the driver's wing mirror. Oops.

The car is much cleaner and is better for it, but I kind of missed my spider.

On Tuesday, the spider made a reappearance - yay! I guess he thought it was finally safe to come out, so a happy ending after all.

3. A clean interior

I had planned to get the interior cleaned on Sunday but so had quite a few other people who'd got there before me. Instead of joining the queue MOH offered to do it himself. Another yay - and something I plan to hold him too this weekend.

4. Something to listen to

Now that I'm driving to work everyday I've been getting fed up with listening to the radio. I mean I would have it on all day but I could zone it out, in the car I find that harder to do. So on Monday I popped round to the Library and borrowed a talking book. I wasn't sure how it'd work, but I'm loving it. 

I've chosen the Return to Mandalay by Rosanna Ley as I read her The Saffron Trail earlier in the year and couldn't put it down, and nor could my mum when she read it. So far this book is just as good, and maybe I have sat in my car when I've reached my destination to get to the end of the chapter. I've found listening to it just as enjoyable and as addictive to reading a good book.

5. Experimenting with routes

This week I've also been experimenting with my routes to work and back home again. Some of that has been to avoid a queue of traffic but other times it's been for a change of scenery. I've followed white vans up side streets - like you do - and found myself in streets I've not been in before.  Thankfully my trusty SatNav has been working overtime making sure I do end up where I'm planning to.  

Yesterday morning I continued along the A2 instead of heading towards the A20 like I normally do. This route took me through Blackfen and then through some narrow country-like lanes and then all of a sudden I was minutes from work. Sometimes even Greater London can surprise me.

So while my week started off a bit frantic, and has had its moments with fog and traffic it's got better. How's your week been?

The Reading Residence