My week this week: Time

Time is a good word to sum up my week; there's been good times, thankfully no bad times but I'm more and more conscious that it's something that I'm running out of as we approach Christmas!


So fresh on the heels of our day in Brighton the previous week, we had another day out at the weekend. This time in London and we saw a lot of it, me in my new boots and MOH commissioned for lots of shoe shots. If you know him you can imagine his reaction but he complied nonetheless.  Our plan was Christmas markets, Christmas shopping and a festive afternoon tea. We managed all of those but there's still more Christmas shopping to do.

And that's my second point really, at the start of the week I felt I was running out of time to complete my Christmas shopping. Rather than brave the shops again my plan was to head online, so I really needed to get my act together. I did and I think my presents are all bought, I just need to wait for them to arrive...

I do still have some Christmas craft projects that I want to do, and I need to carefully plan my time for those but I'm still hoping I'll manage everything on my list. Watch out as at least a few of them will most likely make it onto here in the next few weeks too.

The one thing that I do need to make time for is writing Christmas cards as the Post Office won't wait for me. And yes, the plan was to make them myself again, so I really do need to get moving!

And finally it's my office Christmas party tonight and I'm looking forward to having a great time with my new colleagues, however not so great that my head hurts tomorrow!

How's your week been?

The Reading Residence