My week this week: Surprise

This week has been one full of surprises and that's been good. Usually I'm not one for surprises as I like to know what's what and what's going on but I've learnt it can be ok, especially when they are good ones!


The first surprise of the week was waking on Saturday relatively hangover free from the office party the night before. In fact I'd even attempted to read my book on the tube on the way home - yes I know, it was a good party honest! And I was surprised to learn when I reread those pages that I'd taken in more than I'd thought. 

After the party it was my throat, ears and feet that ached; from shouting over the loud music and from the dancing, so that wasn't so bad at all. And yes, I realise that last sentence makes me sound old, but hey ho!

This year we'd decided not to get a Christmas tree. Well that is until we saw some cute ones in pots in the village, and then an idea began to form. And somehow at the garden centre Tuesday after work I ended up with this:



The plan is to plant it out in the garden after Christmas and for it to help fill some of the space where we removed our veg beds earlier in the year. One of my jobs for today is to get it decorated, which I love doing.

There was also a raffle win at work where I won first prize in the charity raffle. My prize was a rather large hamper of goodies which I think my colleagues were disappointed to see head off to the boot of my car. They shouldn't worry though as I'll be taking in some Christmas goodies next week for them to enjoy.

Last week I knew time wasn't on my side for this year's Christmas cards, but this week I surprised myself by finding time not only to make this year's cards but to write them and get them sent out too. Phew.

And my final surprise, well that happened midweek when Vicky from Verily Victoria Vocalises got in touch and asked me to co-host #PoCoLo with Morgan from Morgan's Milieu. This week I've found myself saying wow a lot, and this was one of those times. I feel honoured, proud and just a little bit scared if I'm honest, but I'm sure Morgan and I will do our best with our new charge.


How's your week been?

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