What I've read lately: The Winter Children

When I last posted what I'd been reading in October (I know, how long ago?) I said that I'd been struggling with a book. More on that later, but in truth it stopped my reading and I think I just got out of the habit...

Since then I've listened to a couple of audio books in the car - Rosanna Ley's Return to Mandalay and Philippa Gregory's The White Princess - both of which I was certain I'd enjoy and both of which I'd highly recommend. But I knew I'd need to find something to break the reading rut I've found myself in.

So when I saw the opportunity to review The Winter Children by Lulu Taylor I thought it could be just the thing. When it arrived I was immediately drawn to the cover, and like many have said before me there's nothing quite like holding a real book. But I didn't start reading just yet, I wanted to build some anticipation and let's be honest it's a busy time of year with lots going on.  

Then last Friday I was working in another office and commuting by train instead of driving, so what better opportunity. I soon learnt though that it's a quick journey and there wasn't much time for reading, even though I did get a seat in the tube! 

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But even after a quick read that morning I was hooked. I read it on the journey back and then again later that evening as I took the tube to my Christmas party. It was just that kind of book, one that as soon as it started you cared about the characters and their situation. I'll not share more of the plot than you'd get if you read the back cover, because I don't want to spoil it for you but the story is one of a childless couple who desperately want to conceive. There's strong opinions by one on what their next steps are and then a generous offer from a university friend which helps them along the way. 

As the story develops it's quite clear that the generous offer was made with an ulterior motive. Does it pay off? Well that would be telling wouldn't it? Let's just say the book, like all good stories has twists and complications along the way, but I think ends true to the characters and not far-fetched like some can be, nor leaving you wondering like others.  

Infact I enjoyed this book so much I read it in three days flat, even attempting to read it on my post-midnight journey home after the Christmas party. I reread those pages the next morning to make sure I hadn't missed anything and was pleasantly surprised by how much I remembered as I read!

So yes, I'd recommend this book - and I don't think you need to have been in a reading rut to enjoy it. As for the book I was stuck on, I went back once I'd finished this and completed that too. It didn't end as I expected it too, so I probably could have carried on before - but of course, I didn't know that at the time. I'm glad I finished it though as its not often a book beats me.  


 Thanks to Mumsnet  and Pan Macmillan for providing  a copy of  The Winter Children in return for an honest review.