What your coffee table says about you

It sits there in your sitting room – a repository for your glossy mags, half-drunk cups of coffee and your favourite Yankee candle of the minute. But in reality it’s oh so much more than that. Because, according to US interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, your coffee table will also reveal to ‘those in the know’ whether you’re an anxious type, brimming with confidence or verging on the OCD. 

Yes, your simple little coffee table is actually your everyday psychologist’s best friend. That’s because in his latest er, coffee table tomb, titled Live, Love & Decorate Lawrence-Bullard claims our central sitting room piece is also an indicator of our personality.

Now before you go and tidy it up, do read on to see which of the these superstars you identify with:


Your coffee table has an Asian design influence to it – although not that you’d notice really because you’ve so many ornaments piled on top of it. (In Cher’s case, it’s Buddha and a certain Japanese look.) You like to keep things busy but not cluttered.

Photo credit:  ArchitecturalDigest.com

Actress Julia Sorkin

It’s the first thing visitors see when then enter your sitting room. That’s because it’s so elaborate and dramatic it screams ‘look at me!’ As a result there’s not much in the way of books or ornaments covering up this beauty’s good looks. If you have a coffee table like this you’re pretty much happy with whom you are and you don’t care who knows it. The Mensa coffee table with its plywood base would fit the bill:

Photo credit:  Lazerian.com

Photo credit: Lazerian.com

Supermodel Cheryl Tieg

Simplicity and sophistication are the bywords here. Cheryl’s table is black gloss. She has a vase and books on it but nothing too distracting. If this is your type of table then you like to keep life nice and simple. At the same time though you still want to stand out. Its good looks with a modern twist. Just like Ultra Swivel coffee table in fact:

Photo credit:  Fishpools.co.uk

Photo credit: Fishpools.co.uk

Trudie Styler

Her two matching coffee tables are the focal points of Trudie’s room. The sofas and modern art works are all alluded to by the tables which sit slap bang in the centre of the room craving attention. If you look closely you’ll see there’s sand on them too. Having coffee tables like this means you’re an extrovert who likes being the centre of attention and refuses to go with the flow. 

Photo credit:  Architecturaldigest.com

Meanwhile, other favourite coffee table styles doing the rounds right now and which we’ve no doubts have found their way into celebs homes in recent years includes:

Photo credit:  Holyfunk.com.au

Photo credit: Holyfunk.com.au

The industrial recycled coffee table which indicates you’re a bit on the thrifty side and an eco-lover at the same time.

Photo credit:  hayneedle.com

Photo credit: hayneedle.com

This Gustavian-style shabby chic coffee table shows you’re a contented individual with a calm outlook and sense of propriety.

Meanwhile, if you’re already hooked on coffee table psychology you might want to know what those glossy coffee table books say about you…


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