I've got big plans for this little tree...

This is the tree I picked up Tuesday evening after work. This is the tree we weren't having this year. Oops!


The revolution started last weekend when we saw some cute little trees in pots in the village. 

It wasn't long after that a plan started to form...

...We could have one in a pot, because that's more of a plant than a tree.

... And since we've removed the veg beds from the back of the garden we have a space to fill, so it would make sense.

And that's how I found myself in the garden centre, choosing a tree. It's a Norway Spruce and feels soft to the touch. But my plans for this little tree don't stop there. 

I like a Christmas wreath, and remember last year I made this one - well so far this year I haven't got a wreath, made or bought. I'd planned to make one again because it was much easier than I thought and I had a real sense of accomplishment when it was complete. Because the wire rings were so cheap I went against my instincts and chucked it all out. This year though it's been harder to get one of those rings and when I did find one it was almost three times as expensive as last year, so I declined. In fact the shrub branch cuttings are also a lot more expensive than I remember, and so much so that I'm not buying any. I think £10 for a bit of evergreen that's been chopped off a larger plant is a bit excessive and again a huge increase on last year.

Anyway, I digress. I have bought some rings - I bought ten online for the same price the florist was willing to sell me one - and I'm hoping to get out into the garden and see what greenery I have to add to it. But this is where my little tree comes in, not this year though. When it's planted out in the garden, growing its foot a year, filling the space where the veg beds used to be it'll also be growing greenery for my wreaths. 

A masterplan. I know. I thank you...

But it's got some growing to do, once it's finished being an indoors Christmas tree that is.


And remember my Christmas turkey? Well he's proudly sitting near the top of my tree, and makes me smile every time I see him.



It's about four foot at the moment - the tree, not the turkey, so there's not a lot of room for decorations. This year for the first time ever, I think I've put more decorations away than I've put on the tree - but well, I didn't want to shock my little tree too much.


And you know what? Father Christmas has given it the thumbs up!


So that's fine by me...

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