An interview with Posh Flooring

Recently Posh Flooring got in touch and asked me a few questions about my blog and about my interior style. It'll be no surprise to you that I told them I loved colour and how we should all be bolder about using colour in our homes, and mixing it with natural elements like wood to avoid the need for sunglasses. 

There's more on my interior design "pet hate" - can you guess what it might be? - and what my dream home would look like, so do pop over and take a look.

Oh and the loos in One Marylebone get another mention too!

You can read the full interview here.

Have a great weekend, and I hope you manage to get all those last-minute Christmas jobs done! I'm hoping to get up to see how the Geffrye Museum has been decorated for Christmas, followed by celebrating a friend's birthday with some champers...