My week this week: Inspired

It's been a good week here and I feel like I've got things done - not everything but some at least. I had a day off during the week - my first in my new job - and it was good. We went down to Brighton in the afternoon and it was nice to get out and about with a blow along Brighton Pier thrown in for good measure.  All that means inspired is a good word to sum up my week.


As well as a walk along the front, around The Lanes and in and out of many shops we also got time to visit the Brighton Pavilion which is an amazing and inspiring place. I've walked past it many times admiring and wondering at its external design, but this was the first time inside. Sadly there's a no photos policy, but I'm hoping to be able to share something more with you soon. 



It was one of those places whose decoration is very ornate and opulent, but even so one that is greatly inspiring. The chandeliers were amazing, one of them weighing a ton and in the kitchen too the pillars were topped with pineapple leaves carrying on the exotic decorations. I'm not about to adopt that style myself but it is quite something to see.

The wallpapers were fantastic and definitely caught my attention, but it was MOH that pointed out that one of the yellow wallpapers reminded him of our bedroom curtains. I'll give him that they were similar and to be honest I was surprised he noticed. It seems though I was having a bit of a yellow day, as I also saw a fabulous yellow - or rather ochre - bag, which I didn't buy and then have spent the rest of the week tracking down. But on the plus side that's my Christmas present from MOH sorted, he just needs to pick it up on Sunday when we're in town!

Before that though we'd been inspired to get on and start painting our pigeon shelf units. And that's the Royal We there. I set MOH off giving one of the units its first coat, and guess what his job is for this weekend? Yeap, more painting.

While he was doing that I decided to go and start sewing a new Roman blind for our porch. I made quite a bit of progress, but there was very little sewing involved. It was actually a maths lesson with some ironing thrown in! I got as far as the hand sewing part and I'll be picking that up again this weekend.



In some ways it's been a crafty week as well. I finished my knitted scarf and I'm really pleased with the results. It was fun to create some french knitted flowers to embellish it too, and now I don't mind how cold it gets as I've a new scarf to keep me warm!

And the final thing that's inspired me this week is Wayfair's Christmas Blog It Forward campaign for charity, which you can read more about on their site. I'd been considering how and what I could do and then wouldn't you know it an opportunity presented itself. What with a busy week I haven't blogged about it yet, but I will at the start of next week.

So an inspired week for me, how's your week been?

The Reading Residence