Word of the week: Learn

Well the determination from last week paid off and this week it's all been about learning, so my word this week is learn.  


Our new laptop arrived on Tuesday - we did go for a Mac in the end, which is very exciting. Until I had my iPhone, a few years ago now I hadn't had anything Apple but I've become a total convert and my iPhone 4 is still going strong. So since I opened the box I've been learning the world of Mac, I hadn't realised until this week just how entrenched in Windows I was. There's differences between Apple and Windows but I'm hoping none that I can't overcome and reprogram myself to accept. It's early days but on Wednesday I was very proud to write and publish my Mooch around Marlborough post completely on the Mac. 

We had another new gadget arrive this week as well. Finally we've replaced our very old clock radio. I think the old one was on special offer from Boots in the early 90s, it's yellowed over the years and hisses and crackles a bit more than it should but has limped on. It was one of the final things I wanted to replace to finish our bedroom off. MOH was charged with finding something suitable and he did good with a Pure Pop Midi. Setting that up was a doddle, even more so than the Mac as when I plugged it in it did itself, even the time. I managed to set the alarm without reading the instructions (always a good sign) but haven't progressed to learning how the Bluetooth bit works yet, but that's on my list. 

Theres also been some Just Dance action on the Wii where I've been learning some moves and scaring myself some more about the upcoming Danceathon. I've also reminded myself just how uncoordinated I can be, as I'm never sure if I should be using the same arm or leg or mirroring what's on the screen.  Invariably I end up doing my own thing, which I think is fine - but I think I'm learning some new moves!  As an aside its been a fab week sponsorship-wise and I'm very close to my target, so I've been reminded of what lovely friends and great support I have. 

My final learning is bike-related and it's that I've started to master hills! Only small ones mind, I'm not at the level of cycling back up any of the hills from Greenwich yet, but I'm learning!

How's your week been? 

The Reading Residence