Word of the week: Goals

This week I've given myself a stern talking to and have stopped procrastinating and set about re-establishing the goals I want to achieve. I've reminded myself that I can make lots of things happen if I try. And so I finally got around to doing my first monthly check-in (just a few weeks late) of my word for this year - focus, which I've conveniently been ignoring so far!  At one point my word for this week was going to be re-focus but actually goals is a better fit. 


I've wanted to read more books for a while now, but somehow haven't got around to doing anything about it. I have a few books (quite a few actually) that I've bought and not read yet, both real books and kindle versions which is shocking really, and they're not going to read themselves. So this week I've done something about it, I've now got a proper list of books I have to read, those I want to read and those I'm reading in my Goodreads app.

I've also had a bit of a revelation in that I've realised I don't need to own every book I read, so I've joined the library here too. I'm not sure why I've not joined before as I used to love spending time in the library doing my homework and browsing the books many years ago before the Internet! My local library was a hive of activity when I popped in and that was nice to see, although I'm not sure I'll ever need to take out the eight books at a time that I'm allowed. 

So after this mini reading review I discovered that I already had four books on the go and some of those for a while it must be said, but perhaps I was reading more than I thought. I've added my library book to that list now too, so I've some reading to do... And incase you're wondering the five are of differing genres so I'm just about managing. 

I've also been looking at my day-to-day routine and have promised myself I'll make some changes there too. I'm using another two apps to help with this; Todoist, which is a to do list which I've used for a while now - I've rejigged it to help me focus on the tasks I need to and the ones I want to achieve, rather than just the easy and nice ones (ahem!)  The other app is new to me and that's Noom, and I'm using it to record the food I eat and the exercise I take to help me kick start my healthy eating campaign and to shift a few kilograms. It's early days, but I'm hoping the "I've started so I'll finish" maxim is true.  

And finally another goal has been reached, that's my £300 sponsorship target for the Red Nose Day Danceathon on 8 March. Woohoo!  But I'm not stopping there, now I'm hoping to smash that as we approach the actual event, so if you'd like to sponsor me here's the link to my sponsorship page

So all in all a good week, and I've also reminded myself just how much I like to tick things off my list! 


The Reading Residence