A Mag A Month: Good Food magazine, February 2004

This month I've been using the Good Food magazine from February 2004, as well as more recent magazines for our meal inspiration.  It started promisingly with a pie on the front cover - who doesn't love pie? And although the pie looked good, it's a deep-filled beef, mushroom and bacon pie I didn't end up making it.  It was part of an article titled "One Recipe, 3 Midweek Meals."  The concept is a good one where you start off by making a steak with stout and onion stew and then use the base recipe for the pie and for a cheat's stroganoff with parsley noodles.  Maybe another time.

This month I'd ear-marked about five or six recipes, but only cooked two... Well, my excuse is February's a short month.

The first recipe I followed was this Broccoli Pesto Pasta.  It's a good everyday dish and particularly useful if you need to hide vegetables as the broccoli is mashed once it's cooked, hence the pesto label.  It had the usual pesto ingredients too - parmesan and pine nuts, with the addition of some chilli flakes but substitutes the basil for broccoli.  The mashed broccoli confused MOH as he asked where it was...

Broccoli pesto pasta

Broccoli pesto pasta

The other recipe I made was one I was keen to try - Baked Chicory with Chicken in a Sage and Mustard Sauce - mainly because I think chicory is a much underused vegetable, definitely in my house, possibly throughout the UK.

Two chicory heads were ample for this one pot dish; they're quartered and added to a dish with some olive oil and baked covered with foil for ten minutes so they soften.  In a frying pan I added sliced chicken breast and browned that, then added chopped shallots and garlic.  That was scattered over the chicory and then I made a mustard-flavoured white sauce with some added creme fraiche and poured that into the dish.  As everything tastes better with cheese, some grated cheddar cheese went on top of that and then it went into the oven for about thirty minutes until it was browned and bubbling.  This made a good Sunday night supper and would be great with some crusty bread to mop up the juices - there's a high chance I'll be making this again at some point.  And the chicory wasn't bitter, and it was nice to have a different vegetable for a change - I think that's a February thing too!

All in all I thought there were probably less recipes in this edition that I'd cook than normal, and I found the magazine pretty uninspiring - I'm not sure if I felt that back in 2004 though. However the two I did cook I'd cook again so it was a worthwhile exercise.  Next month I'm going to be using the Good Food Magazine from March 2005, so hopefully there'll be plenty in that one to tempt my taste buds!