Our Photobooks for 2013 and 2014

Photographs, they're funny things aren't they?  In days gone by we were careful about the number we took, limited by the exposures on the film in the camera and often the cost of getting them developed.  And we'd wait for them to be developed too which could be anything from a week or so to a couple of hours depending on how quickly you wanted to see how they'd turned out. I remember the excitement of rapidly flicking through the sets of my new photos as soon as I picked them up and often the excitement was mismatched to the actual results, sadly.  There'd always be a good shot towards the end of the film that never quite turned out right, yes I'm blaming the film for those! 

Then things went digital and suddenly the restrictions on the numbers of photos were lifted, sure you're limited by the size of the memory card but it's no longer 24 or 36 exposures is it? It's rare to reach that capacity, although I did when we visited Cornwall last year much to MOH's amazement, but in my defence it's a beautiful place and we packed a lot in. Anyway back to the photos, it means we have tons more photos, tons and tons of them.

In fact photos are just so much more a part of everyday life now that almost everyone has a camera in their pocket, but in reality we share them at the time but how often do we really look at them? And that seems a waste to me, but then there's the volume thing. So earlier this year when I spotted one of those offers from Photobox that they always seem to have, I decided to act. 

I created two 60-page photobooks, one each for 2013 and 2014 and they arrived earlier this month, much to my excitement - which was similar to when my developed photos would arrive in the post!  This time though it was justified, I'm really pleased with them and I think they're a good summary of our years and include the highs, some of the lows and everyday things too.  

Choosing the photos for 2013 was easier than choosing them for the year just gone. I'm not sure if that's because as time had gone by the big moments had crystallised more in my mind and the more everyday, throwaway shots were just that thrown away or because there were less photos to choose from. Or perhaps it was because we visited more places and had more time in 2014 which was a more relaxed year for us. It's meant that 2014's book is more photo-heavy and has more pages with a 9-box grid layout than anything more fancy, but I struggled to cut it down any further.

The books also took more time to create online than I expected too and that meant some late nights dragging photos into order so I met the ordering deadline I'd set.  Although if I'd started it earlier I'd've had more time, but there you go. You can customise the finish and titles of each book too, as well as the layout on each page - you can see where the time went now can't you? Overall I'm really pleased with them - for me they're a great pictorial record of the past couple of years and being relatively small it's easy to have them downstairs within reach for a flick through whenever we feel like it. MOH though, bless him just wonders why we've got them...

Already though I'm sure they've been looked at more than the digital photos we have, so I'm already planning to do this each year going forward as in years to come we'll look back on them with even more joy than we do now.

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