The truth about: coming home from holiday

We all know how exciting looking forward to a holiday can be, the anticipation and planning. Yeap that's one of the nice parts, and being away is always pretty good too - that's what you've looked forward too, right? To start with the days stretch out ahead of you and gradually as you count down there are fewer days left of your holiday than you've already been away.  Somehow though that second half of your holiday goes more quickly than the first and eventually you start to look forward to going home, what the journey may bring and the first few days back home.  

Somehow though my mind always overlooks the most obvious of tasks, which isn't one of my favourites. Surprisingly it's not the washing, although that's not much fun either. 

It's not even downloading, sorting or editing the photos which to be honest when there's a lot of them can be tiresome. Or making sure you've got several copies of them to make sure you don't lose any (again). The thing that really gets me about coming home is unpacking the case.


Mostly it takes me days to completely empty it and put the clean, unworn clothes away and store the empty suitcase back in its spot (I'm much better at getting the dirty clothes into the washing bin).  I'm not sure why though, it should be a relatively simple task - perhaps it's what signifies to me the holiday is truly over, I'm not sure. 

What's the task you dislike most when you come back from holiday? 

And then the fun began...