Word of the week: Parcels

This week there seems to have been a lot of parcels. Sadly not the large and mysterious sort, more the sort that are just that little bit too big to fit the letterbox.


It started last Friday when somehow I missed the doorbell but heard the letterbox as it snapped shut as the card was put through. Grabbing some keys I dashed after the postman but the head start he had on me meant he made it back to his van and off before I got close. Annoying, and I'm not sure how it happened but that meant a trip to the Sorting Office on Monday.  

I decided to implement my master plan Monday morning and collect the parcel on the way back from Pilates.  And to do all that by bike. I managed although I had to get inventive as the parcel was just wider than my basket. But with a cable lock and some hastily made holes in the packaging I attached the parcel to my bike and set off for home. 

Then I was off out again returning two parcels to the local Post Office for MOH following some communication issues on a bike-phone-holder-thingy. He'd ended up with two iPhone cases, neither of which were any use as he's a Samsung kinda guy. Tuesday his Samsung bike-phone-holder-thingy arrived and shortly after another parcel arrived too. Then Thursday I was due to be out and MOH was expecting yet another parcel, so he took the opportunity to work at home. And of course, then my plans changed so I was home too and guess what, no parcel arrived. 

I guess it may come today, who knows.  What I do know is that I'll be tracking my Ikea delivery, which is due today. I'm expecting a HOL bench, which I plan to use as a washing basket in our recently decorated bedroom. We already have something similar and that'll be making way for the new one. I don't normally opt for delivery from Ikea as often I think it's quite pricey, but this time I was pleasantly surprised and it was worth it to save a trip over to the shop, during which no doubt that other parcel would arrive. It's been that kind of week!

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