Things in threes: rum cake, curry & a clean(er) oven

There's something about the number three isn't there?  If you google things in threes it shows numerous studies and theories as to why threes stick in our head, and it happens more often than you realise. In writing we're told a story is best with a beginning, a middle and an end; in photography there's the rule of thirds and a race starts with "ready, steady, go!" See what I mean?

This past weekend I've made three discoveries, all food related and all surprises in a good way, and well you know how much I like lists so I thought there's potentially a new blog series in there somewhere. We'll see where that goes, but for now here's my three finds:

1. The forgotten Rum Cake


While rummaging for batteries for the Wii remote Sunday evening (and failing to find any) my hands felt this triangular box.  Pulling it out of the cupboard I saw it was a Bajan Rum Cake and not the giant Toblerone I may have been hoping for...

It must have been there a while though as we went to Barbados in December 2013. Checking the date on the box it's best before 13 Dec 2015 which seems quite precise to me.  

I'm pretty sure it'd be ok for a little while after that, although I don't fancy its chances much of hanging around until then. It does though hold the world record for being the longest surviving cake ever in our house.  

And let's be honest, that's unlikely to be broken anytime soon!

2. A curry in a hurry


The second discovery was the online ordering and delivery service from one of our local Indian restaurants. It's a restaurant we've used in the past so know the food is good, we've probably even used the delivery service before too, but not by ordering online.

Usually we look at the menus online and phone to order, but this time seeing an order online option, I tried that. And it worked a treat. 

I must admit I was rather sceptical about it, especially ordering the time I wanted our curry delivered. The first time slot offered was in thirty minutes and I didn't think that was bad at all. Having lived through the years when you willed your pizza delivery to be a minute late so it was free, I didn't hold out much hope for our takeaway curry arriving on time.  And I was right it didn't come at 20:45 as ordered, it came five minutes early! I wasn't expecting that and nor was I expecting it to be delivered in this stylish bag. So well done to the Royal Nepalese near Westcombe Park station, I was very impressed. 


3. A clean(er) oven

I know what you're thinking, I really know how to enjoy myself. But following a cooking spillage in the oven it needed a bit of a clean. Infact lets be honest even without the cooking incident my oven could have done with a bit of a clean!

My discovery isn't that it's not a good idea to spill Blood Orange custard from the tart you're making in the oven and down the inside of the oven door, especially when it runs down into the clean tea towels in the drawer below... Although it's one to remember for next time. 

My discovery is this oven cleaner from Lakeland really does work.  It doesn't smell and it isn't hard work either. You brush it on, leave it to do its thing - I only left it for a short while but you can leave it overnight - and wipe it off.  So now I have a cleaner oven - I played it safe and only did part of the oven as a test, incase it was awful - but it wasn't so now I need to do the whole thing properly!

Yes I really do know how to live...

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