One Lovely Blog Award: 7 facts about me

Thank you to Angie at Changing Pages for the One Lovely Blog award.  It's always nice to be recognised by fellow bloggers. Being awarded the badge, requires you to write a post with seven facts about yourself and then nominate up to 15 other bloggers.  So here's 7 facts about me: 


1. I'm a detail person which is good and bad.  I know instantly if things have moved in the house so often when we come home from a weekend away or from holiday the first thing I do is walk around all the rooms to see if anything's out of place. Now don't get me wrong, our house isn't always spick and span but even amongst the chaos of life I know. I judge if things are straight or level by eye and in our old house that's no mean feat at times. But it does mean that hanging pictures can take a while to get absolutely right, and occasionally they are moved by millimetres to the left or right, which does annoy MOH. When we laid our stone circle at the end of the garden I even got the gardeners to move it slightly (inches this time not millimetres) because it looked wrong from the house. 

2. I also love a nice pair of shoes. I've twenty pairs carefully stored in their boxes in our top bedroom.  And while you may think that's not a lot, they're really only my going out heels.  I've numerous pairs stored in a large cardboard box until I get my ideal shoe storage sorted out.  And that's a wardrobe just for shoes.  On top of those there's the seven or so pairs I have out for everyday use. I've previously been known as and answered to shoequeen and once packed seven pairs of shoes (excluding trainers) for a ten day netball tour.

3. Which brings me onto netball.  I've played competitively since I was nineteen mostly for the same club (although I've played with another couple for a season or so at times) and have represented Surrey County at under 21 level. I've chaired the Surrey Netball League and am the chair of my current netball club, which is the one I joined aged nineteen.  I don't play so often these days, but in my day I was a killer Wing Attack! Although every club seemed to want me to play Centre - a position I've never liked so much (and not just because there's much more running about!)

4. I grew up with Yorkshire Terriers as pets, and as much as I loved them I really wanted a cat.  So when I left home I did just that, and not long after I found myself contending for the title of crazy cat lady with four cats of my own who provided much fun, merriment and angst as pets do. They were also great company when I later lived alone and each had their own characters and they were with me between them for a period of twenty years. Sadly none of them are still here, but each of them were very special to me.

5. For some reason I appear to be drawn to blue cars, I don't know why. Five of the eight cars I've owned have been blue, including my current car - each time though it's not been my direct choice, it's been the car available at the time.  The one time I did have a choice was when I bought a brand new car and chose a rather extravagant "Firedance" (orange) instead of the blue on offer.

6. Growing up I had a tendency to be a little accident prone and was always falling down the stairs. During these many accidents I managed to tot up six broken bones in just three separate events, no doubt giving my parents huge headaches. I broke both bones in my left arm twice on one occasion (so that's four breaks) and four years later fell down the stairs breaking my arm again. To top it off the same year as the second broken arm I broke a bone in my foot skipping in the (junior) school playground.  The four year gap is significant as it coincided with Olympic years, so four years on my parents always got a bit twitchy...

7. I love the Olympics! And have memories of watching Mary Peters winning, so that must be 1972. I'll watch any sport in the Olympics and become totally engrossed in everything about it, so imagine my joy when the Olympics were awarded to London and then later when London 2012 was underway!  At those games I volunteered, not as a Games Maker but as a London Ambassador.  For me being a Games Maker might have been tortuous if I was close to but not close enough to actually view the sport first-hand, so I decided to combine my volunteering role with another of my loves, London.  During the games I was mainly based at the Tower of London leading a group of volunteer ambassadors providing information to tourists and Londoners alike about the games and the events on in London, as well as the travel information.  And I was able to keep up-to-date with the sporting events while on shift using the internet; one of the best moments for me during London 2012 was when Team GB won their first Gold medal and the cheer rippled up from outside City Hall, over the river and up to where we were at the Tower of London.  

Totally amazing.