Cards for Mother's Day

I decided to make cards for Mother's day this year, and well you know how much I like simple cards so you'll not be surprised to learn these have a simple design too. I've made two, one for my mum and one for my MIL and you'll never guess what, but the day I made them MOH came home clutching shop-bought cards. They were ditched though for the home-made ones.

1. First make a template by printing MUM in large capital letters that will fit onto your card blank and glue to some scrap card.

2. Cut these out and you have your templates. I made two Ms so I could see the placement on the card, but you could make one and use it twice if you were short of card.

3. Draw around the MUM template onto scrapbook paper and cut those out too.

4. Stick the letters onto the card and leave to dry under a large, heavy book.

5. When dry decorate with some sparkly gem flowers, or anything else you fancy - some small ribbon bows or sequins would also look good. 

And then I did it all again from step 3 making a pinker version.

These were easy to make and I think both versions look effective; I like the blue and yellow MUM card for how striking it is using one design, but I also like the pink one too for it's mix and matchiness.  Which do you like?