Word of the week: Emotional

It's been a funny old week, and one that's been full of emotion - but in a good way and that's why my word this week is emotional.


The emotions have all been triggered by Comic Relief and the Danceathon which took place on Sunday.  We did it and danced for six hours, and you can see the pictures and read more about that here:  Six hours of dancing at Wembley - we did it!

Beforehand there was:

  • Fear - would I be able to last the six hours, would I show myself up with my lack of coordination and would I find the other Team Honkers or spend the six hours on my own?  Well I danced for the six hours and was no less coordinated than anyone else there, and as you might have guessed the Honkers were easy to find before I got into Wembley!
  • Embarrassment - would I embarrass myself?  Phew, thankfully I didn't. Well I don't think I did!
  • Hope - this was was related to fear, hoping I'd last out and not fall over and make a spectacle of myself. I did ok on this one.
  • Joy - at reaching my £300 sponsorship target and in fact raising 231% of my target.  I'm just £5 off seven hundred pounds, which is amazing.


  • Horror - after the first 90 minutes I thought it was going to be a long afternoon. That was at the end of the 80s Power section which I didn't enjoy as much as I was hoping to, but thankfully I enjoyed most of the other segments (bar the 90s Rave one - which has never been my thing) and the time passed much more quickly than I thought it would.
  • Awe - at the dance instructors on the stage, and if I'm fair to the celebrities as well. Rufus Hound is an absolute legend and my mum (who'd been watching on the Red Button) commented on how much and how long he'd danced for. And I was totally in awe of his outfit too...
  • Excitement - well, I was dancing at Wembley with 2000 other people and raising a huge amount of money for Comic Relief, of course it was exciting!
  • Pleasure - from all the likes and comments on my personal Facebook page while I was dancing, although I must admit I was less keen on the request for pictures of me but in the end I posted a pre-Gangnam style shot and promised there wouldn't be one after that dance!

Immediately after

  • Euphoria - yay, we did it - and I could still walk!
  • Hurt - I thought my knees would be suffering as there was lots of lungeing type movements in the Bashment section.  That's Jamaican Dance Hall if you didn't know and my netballers-knees were struggling.  Thankfully though the next day (and the day after) my knees and my legs operated normally without any aches; I did though have a slightly stiff neck and I've no idea why!
  • Relief - that it was over, c'mon give me that one - six hours is a long time! And then the realisation that I had to drive home, although that was preferable to public transport, so I'm glad I'd thought ahead.

The following days:

  • Happiness - by simply dancing (although there was very little that was simple about it) we'd raised a huge amount of money and will help make lasting change happen here in the UK and across Africa.
  • Passion - I've been surprised at how much the fund raising efforts of Team Honk have meant to me, and when we topped £30,000 earlier in the week there were a few tears over here. The total is now over £31,000 - cue more tears!
  • Love - for my fellow Team Honkers, they are truly an amazing bunch of 100 (mostly) ladies who pulled together and made an amazing thing happen. And the chocolate brownies at the end were definitely worth it.
  • Pride - at being part of Team Honk and for the amount of sponsorship received so far.

And not forgetting

  • Gratitude - to everyone who's sponsored me, friends, family, bloggers and of course Betfair. Plus to Penny, Tanya and Annie for once again making sure Team Honk was at its Honking best.

So there's been lots of emotion flying about, and that's before the Comic Relief programme this evening which I always find emotional on so many levels. It's been lovely to see all the pictures of kids making their faces funny for money today, these are the fundraisers of the future so it's great to see such enthusiasm from an early age.

I've met people in the last few days who've said they keep meaning to sponsor me but haven't yet, so in the hope that you did mean it I'm including my sponsorship link again. I learnt today that my page will stay open for a while yet so if you're able to please sponsor me, you'll make this Honker very happy.

Sponsor me here - thank you!

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