Word of the week: Chilly

Brrrr! It's been a bit chilly this week hasn't it? Just when we were starting to believe Spring was really here. Although there's been a couple of warmer days mostly this week it's been those damp, grey and chilly days and unusually for me I've been feeling the cold. 


We went on a humongous bike ride last Saturday and I clocked up 26km, I'll confess I walked up some of the hills but as we were cycling in a group there was a bit more incentive to keep going - mainly to catch up with the rest of the group, and not be the slow coach at the back! It was good fun though and we cycled from the Cutty Sark in Greenwich to the National Trust's Red House in Bexleyheath, which is my nearest NT property and yet this is the first time I'd visited it. It wasn't so chilly when we were cycling but boy was it cold in the Red House. Our tour guide said it was a chilly house and he wasn't wrong. I'll share more photos from our visit there soon.

Sunday was another grey and dreary day here but I decided to go out on my bike again anyway, this time to visit my tree. The pictures from that visit look as if they're in black and white, but they're not it was just that grey.  You can take a look at them here: Meanwhile, back at The Tree.

On Tuesday I was up in town for lunch and wasn't too impressed with the rainy start and tweeted to ask for Spring back, so already my word of the week was starting to form in my mind. Thankfully though the rain was short-lived and it didn't matter what the weather was doing as I spent most of the afternoon having lunch, before moving elsewhere for the rest of the evening.  Quite some lunch in the end, but it's good to catch up properly with friends sometimes it's just needed.  

After a special treat with a day of blue skies, it's back to grey and chilly here. I definitely prefer bright, chilly days to the ones that have been prevalent this week.  Let's hope there's more bright days ahead!