3 Things: Snippets of great advice

Just recently I've come across three bits of advice that have really "spoken" to me, each for different reasons. I think they're all good advice, and maybe you'll think so too. For me each of these are particularly pertinent as I look to return to work.

1. Push yourself

This quote is from the 365 Days of Flow app by the same people as the magazine, and it's simple but effective. For me it says you can do the safe thing, but by pushing yourself further you'll achieve your purpose.

We know this, but sometimes hearing it (or in this case seeing it) reminds us of the actions we need to take.

A ship in a harbour is safe, but this is not what a ship is built for.
— Theologian William Shedd

2. Stay open to possibilities

This next piece of advice which resonated with me was part of Susannah Conway's love letter which arrived in my inbox just before Valentines Day.

It's the first part of the text accompanying the card (which is shown in bold) that struck a chord:

"This month's card is BIG BOLD VISION: "You were not born to play a small role in life... There is something -- a vision or an idea -- that is coming for you. You may worry that it is too much, but don't worry. It is meant to be yours... You are being asked to remember that when something is right for you, endless synchronicities and support will flow your way, at the right time and in the right way. Stay open, receptive, playful and surrendered. Even if everything seems to be in a bit of a shambles now, it's really just the essential mess before a truly spectacular success." -- from the Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild."


It's essence is similar to the quote above, but this arrived almost alongside a job description that I almost didn't consider because its title sounded too grand and fancy, and if I'm honest I thought perhaps a bit out of my league. However, looking at it more closely and staying open to possibilities I had the required skills and experience and so took it further. Now I don't know if this is the thing that's coming for me - which in itself is a bit scary - but I'll have to wait and see.

3.  Have confidence in yourself

Another email prompted a kindle book purchase, this one from Andy Bounds the author of this book. I've read his previous two books and they're full of tips and advice which have been useful to me in the past at work. He's published this book at a time that's useful to me, which is very good of him although I'm sure that's just coincidence!

One of the quotes on the back cover says:

An exceptional book that reinforces the importance of confidence in yourself, and your purpose for those key encounters in business.

This book promises hundreds of new, simple, practical ways to impress and influence others and while it focuses on a sales situation I'm sure I'll be able to apply it to many other situations once I've grasped the nub of the technique. That's like anything though isn't it, as long as you've got the core of the idea you can adapt it to make it work for you as long as you don't stray too far and stay true enough to the principle.

I find Andy's books easy to read and usually speed-read through the first time and then read it again going over the bits that I find the most pertinent. This book's started off no differently, and it's timely as I start to look for my new role and remind myself of the skills I know I have and need to demonstrate to potential employers.

So that's this month's things in threes, what advice do you remind yourself of?

Mums' Days