Word of the week: Preparations

This week has been dominated by preparation, mostly for Sunday's Danceathon - I can't believe it's so close now. I've a feeling it's going to be an epic day! But I'm already making plans to put my feet up on Monday...


I've put the final touches to my outfit by making myself a tutu to wear over my gym kit - see Every dancer needs a tutu! - it was easy to do too, and I'm rather proud of the results. Although I don't think I'll be asking anyone if my bum looks big in this, as I fear the answer may very much be yes!

There's also been The Big Question of the week, and that's been "to bum-bag or not bum-bag?" Seriously. A bum-bag. I mean. A bum-bag. Now apologies if they're you're normal attire, or even if you've got one for Sunday. But a bum-bag. I guess you may have already worked out I decided against one! The emails from Comic Relief suggest bringing one "for your water and your mobile so you can send messages and photos during the event." Well unless bum-bags have had major technological advances since the 1980s, won't the water just slosh about? And my phone's more likely to be in my waistband or down my top, or maybe even in that armband phone holder thingy and definitely not in a bum-bag!

Phew, glad that's sorted.  

Then there were snacks to consider, clearly I'd want bars of chocolate and such like, but that may not be the best thing. It'll be a long day, doors open at 10:30 and it wraps up at 6pm so I'll need something. And while there's food available at Wembley from the concessions I don't think a greasy burger would help either (however lovely it might be). So I've gone sensible: bananas, dried fruit, some almonds and some sherbet sweets, and if things go to plan some homemade flapjacks too. And let's face it that wouldn't all fit into the bum-bag either... Especially with that water sloshing around. 

And then there's the whole getting to Wembley palava. Living in South East London, it shouldn't be that hard getting to North West London, and I know a lot of bloggers are coming much further. But with a threatened tube strike and planned engineering works on the Jubilee line and a (small) part of the journey on a bus replacement service... Well, it was one thing too many to throw a spanner into the works, so now I'm driving there. On the plus side I'll be able to fall into my car at the end of it all and just hope I don't seize up on the way home. I'm sure I'll be fine...

In other preparation-related news the healthy eating and weight loss is continuing. The planning helps here too, having the food mapped out really does help me make healthy choices - mainly because I can tick things off the list! And on the days I don't prepare I'm ready to eat everything in sight! And there's been a job interview - the first in a while - and more applications to prepare too, so *fingers crossed*

Oh, and I'm supposed to be hydrating ahead of Sunday - that's not gone so well, so something to concentrate on today and tomorrow to ensure I don't spend most of Sunday in the loo!

Sponsorship update:  

I'm very pleased and proud to say I've smashed my target - thank you, you very lovely people. Yesterday lunchtime I hit £555, tweeted and Facebooked about it and some more immediately rolled in too. And last night the Team Honk total reached £20,000 - which is amazing - well done Honkers! 

It is, of course not too late too sponsor me or Team Honk and help Comic Relief change lives forever. As they say on TV, here's that link again: http://my.rednoseday.com/sponsor/Lifeat139a 

The Reading Residence

PS the Danceathon is live on the Red Button from midday, if you spot me please don't tweet a picture or post one on my Facebook wall! 😊