Stiffkey: Hedges and stores

Stiffkey isn't pronounced how you think, and from looking on the internet for something to help me explain why it seems there's lots of views of how it should and shouldn't be said. My parents, who are almost locals living in Hunstanton pronounce it without the k, as we've heard others pronounce it too; others it seems say it's Stewkey but not everyone agrees. And before this turns into a post on what it should, might or might not be here's the best link I found on how to pronounce Norfolk place names - and there's some funny ones in there.

However you choose to pronounce it we popped along for a visit over Easter; it's on the North Norfolk Coast and is between Wells and Blakeney. It's got some history too as Stiffkey was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and means "stump island, island with stumps of trees". It's also a pretty little village with some fab hedges - and you know how much I like those - and as we discovered a fab village store, which I'd definitely stop at again. 

So let's start with the hedges...

HOW FABULOUS ARE THESE?!?!  I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing, and how much work to get them into and to keep this herd in shape. Mum and Dad spotted them from the Coasthopper bus and knew that I'd like them, I can tell you they weren't wrong!

And these below look like they're shaping up for something special too.

I can't decide what the next one is, I think perhaps a squirrel with a bushy tail? What do you think?

And these two would certainly cheer up any trip to the wheelie bins!

And not every village can claim a Tardis.

Even without the hedges it's a pretty village:

Part-way through the village we reached the Stiffkey Stores set in an Old Coach House and yard. As well as a myriad of lovely things to buy, there was a cafe with places to sit sheltered out of the Norfolk wind - you might think they're sheds, but I think they're better called tea huts!

So if you're in North Norfolk do stop in Stiffkey and check to see how those hedges are coming along, and definitely take a browse around Stiffkey Stores and its Barn. Norfolk is full of treasures and you never know what you mind find.