Word of the week: Glorious

I thought this week was shaping up to be one of THOSE weeks, but thankfully it's managed to turn itself around so I'm choosing Glorious as my word of the week.


The weekend was one of those weekends for MOH. The sort you occasionally get when you work in IT, where no matter how much planning and preparation is done everything goes against you and it turns into a very long and often fraught time. By 10pm Sunday his laptop was firmly shut for the night and his weekend began, oh hang on a minute...

I managed to get quite a bit done though, some sewing on Saturday and sowing of a different kind on Sunday, and now my greenhouse is full of seed trays and small pots of herbs, tomatoes, beans and even some flowers which I'm now waiting impatiently to grow.

Monday was its usual frenzy of activity and then it was Tuesday and MOH was working from home aiming to regain some of that work-life balance that went slightly askew at the weekend. He decided he'd strim the grass to give it a head start ahead of its first cut of the year, but the strimmer ran out of cord almost as soon as he started so he got the lawnmower out instead. Ahead of its first use it needed some scraping out of old grass, so he set about that like you do with a screwdriver. Once it was back together to start with it started smoking, then it made a bit of an odd noise, so with it unplugged further investigations were needed, and at one point the instructions were even called for. I don't think my "it's a lawnmower you just plug it in and push it" were appreciated very much, so I left him to it. Thankfully though with some more poking about he fixed it after remembering to put back in the springs he'd taken out...

Grass cut, table uncovered, warm weather - there was only one thing for it and that was to drag the BBQ out. That too wasn't so simple as the handle pulled off, but after some tweets with Weber Grills they determined we needed a replacement frame connector. That evening we threw some burgers onto the pre-warmed grill only for the gas to fizzle out about half-way through. Grill pan it was then!

Wednesday my job was to get some new gas as the weather was nice again - the empty cylinder wasn't so bad, and the man at the shop lifted the new one into the car for me, but I wasn't so keen on leaving it in the car when I got home. Not with our track record of the week so far. So with my best weightlifting moves I hauled it out of the boot and into the back garden - I skipped the jerk movement though as I feared that if I hoisted it over my head in the way I've watched many times on the Olympics, no doubt slip and knock myself on the head. And anyway I really wasn't sure I could... 

Wednesday saw an evening cycle with MOH along the Thames Path and onto B&Q for some new strimmer cord, when we got there I realised I'd lost a screw from my kickstand. It wasn't even loose, it was totally gone. Typical - but it had probably loosened after cycling over the cobbles, which made for quite a bumpy ride. So while MOH went shopping, while on bike watch I set about removing the remaining screw, luckily I'd remembered to put in the handy multi-functional bike tool! Back home we were determined to have that BBQ, so even though it was getting dark we cooked our sausages by the light of our phones and sat outside to eat them, with the influx of birds in the garden looking mightily confused at this strange human behaviour!

So as you see it could quite easily have been one of those weeks - if we'd let it. But we've found ways around the obstacles and it's turned out to be quite a fun week and with the weather thrown in too, it's definitely been glorious!  

Let's hope this nice weather hangs around! 

The Reading Residence

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