Word of the week: Out

This week I seem to have mainly been out. Not out out just out, so it seems as good as any for my word of the week.  


Saturday saw us up in town for afternoon tea and in readiness for eating a day's worth of calories in one sitting we found ourselves wandering the streets of Victoria beforehand. It was just as well we did as our afternoon tea - which MOH booked as a Valentine's present - was very cake heavy. Which was fine by me! Afterwards we headed to the West End for more of a wander around the shops before finding ourselves in the pub and chatting to a very nice man, who was a GP in Lincoln, about cycling in Germany. Quite random, but very interesting and incredibly useful as I'm still toying with a cycling holiday in Bavaria later in the year. And then somehow we ended up in Byron for a burger before getting the train home. 

Sunday saw me make another return visit to Halfords following my six week bike service and we did well to miss all the rain, but was less lucky with the wind. It was very hard going at times and I'm sure we were cycling backwards at times. Tuesday saw me back in Victoria for an appointment but I didn't hang around outside for longer than I needed too as the wind was well, very windy! 

Wednesday saw another visit to Halfords to get our new bike rack fitted. We'd bought it on Sunday while we were there - and yes, it does seem to be the shop I'm spending the most time in lately - and the plan was I'd leave them the car, they'd fit the bike rack and I'd go off for a nice cuppa somewhere. Sounded great, but it turned out a little different. Sadly the guy fitting it had little clue and spent a lot of time reading the instructions and saw me as his first mate, so bang went my cuppa. Ninety minutes later (yes, I know!) it was done, I was freezing cold but it was fitted. When MOH was home we dismantled it ready to put it back on later today...

I spent most of Thursday at the Ideal Home Show and MOH joined me after work - I don't think there's a part of Olympia that I haven't walked. I had a great time and fairly early on sniffed out the gin tasting, then later persuaded MOH to go for a glass of champers, before we headed back to the Food & drink section and signed ourselves up for a case of wine. It wasn't all booze though, I've found some great things, been inspired and seen some weird and wacky things too, as well as listen to Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen talk about colour (including his purple bedroom and orange kitchen) and goodness knows how many pictures I've taken!

So that's a lot of out for me this week - it's been good fun, but after a day at the Ideal Home Show my feet ache! How's your week been?

The Reading Residence