Word of the week: Whizz

This week I was struggling to find a word that accurately described my week, and I couldn't quite believe that Friday is here again so soon. This week seems to have whizzed by, so in the end I settled on whizz to sum up the week.


It's been a social kind of week too, we had family over at the weekend so our week started with us whizzing around getting the house looking presentable and preparing food to eat and then slowing down long enough to have a great evening. Then on Sunday we got the bikes out and headed East along the Thames Path; we got within sight of the Dartford Crossing and by the time we got home again we'd covered 40km. Not all of that was so whizzy, but it was a good ride out and I'm still smarting at myself for leaving the SD card in the laptop and not in the camera, so very few pictures from that trip out! Doh!

It's also been the kind of week when you know you've been kept busy, and you feel like you've achieved things but you just can't put your finger on exactly what you've been doing! So you see the week's either whizzed by or I've got problems with my short-term memory (or maybe it's a combination of the two!)  I have caught up with writing some posts on my visit to the Ideal Home Show, oh and I've booked a holiday too - we're off to Bavaria in June for a cycling holiday - yes I finally bit the bullet on that one. After Sunday's 40km ride in an afternoon I thought that the longest cycle of 49km in a day, at our own pace should be doable. I'm hoping that 6 days of 30km+ rides won't be too much for an area of my body which thankfully has quite a bit of natural padding!

And the only thing that hasn't whizzed?

Well that would be the tape rule that I'd pulled out too far while measuring the garden in readiness for our free thirty minute consultation with a garden expert at Grand Designs Live at the start of May! 

That left me with 5 metres of yellow tape to drag around the garden in a mass of unwieldiness, or to get the screwdriver out and work out how to fix it.  I went for the screwdriver option and thankfully all the bits that came out went back in again and the lock part still works too.

Even better was that I didn't trap my fingers in it when it retracted either.

And I got the garden measured, though it took longer than I thought. My next job is to make sense of those, and draw that into some kind of plan on paper along with the questions we want answered. 

How's your week been?


The Reading Residence