Word of the week: Fluid

It's been a week where plans have been made, re-made and then they've altered again or even not happened at all. Sometimes that's been frustrating - and usually I'm not so good with that as I like to know what's what - but that's just been how it's been this week, so fluid seems a good word to sum up this week.


At the weekend we planned to cycle to the Maltby Street market, but by the time we set out the market had already shut, so it ended up being a cycle along the Thames Path towards Tower Bridge instead. Not a bad place to aim for and we were within sight of it when we noticed the bridge was up, which you can just about make that out in this picture:


Sunday was London Marathon day, and that's one of my favourite days here in Blackheath. The Blue start - that's the one with the elite runners and some of the mass start - goes right past our front door. We got to see and shout encouragement at Paula Radcliffe and many other runners, but as we're less than a mile from the start they always look as if they're going quite well when they go past us!

We spend marathon day morning popping in and out of the house and between watching the TV coverage and then seeing it for real as they run past - it's my favourite way to experience the marathon!

This is my favourite picture from our marathon; one of the runners stopped at our bus stop to what looks like fiddle around with one of his gadgets (but not the one strapped to his arm) before Standing up and nonchalantly carrying on.

Later we were off to visit my in-laws and spent the day with them. We also managed to get in a visit to their local National Trust property, Standen - it's a lovely place and while we had a few places on our possible list, it was the tulip festival that sold Standen to us. The gardens, and the views there are beautiful; yesterday I shared a post on part of our visit see The gardens - and tulips - at Standen. We topped off our visit with an impromptu meal out too, to save any of us having to make dinner.

The knock-on effect of that was MOH deciding to work from home the next day, so that scuppered my usual routine. Well the routine that I was going to catch up on from Monday anyway. It was nice to have him home, even though he was also suffering with a sore throat... but thankfully that appears to have gone now too.

The other thing that's had an impact on what I've done is the weather, it's been changeable hasn't it? Monday at Standen was lovely, and yesterday was good too and I snuck in some gardening when it was nice, but Wednesday... argh!! There were things I planned to do that involved venturing outside that I put off until the weather cleared up, which meant I spent the day "shall I or shan't I-ing"!

The one thing that wasn't fluid this week though was our visit to HMS Defender which  docked in Greenwich over the weekend. That as you'd expect ran with military precision, it was great to be able to visit the air-defence destroyer and I plan to share more from our visit in the next few days.

So it's been a fluid and flexible week, I'm not sure I've been as productive as perhaps I could have been, but that's how it's been and it's been a week to just go with the flow...

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