A Mag A Month: Good Food magazine, March 2005

This month my mag of choice has been Good Food from March 2005, which has a young Jamie Oliver and a young Gordon Ramsey on the cover - and despite being March the main feature is "Winter Warmers - what you want to eat right now." There's also AWT for those who remember him, or Antony Worral-Thompson for those that don't who used to present Saturday Kitchen between 2003 and 2005 when James Martin took over. I hadn't realised James Martin had done it for so long, although it's rare I get to watch it these days.

This looks a well thumbed magazine although I don't seem to have actually cooked many of the recipes - I guess I was happy just flicking through looking at them. There's an interesting article on "Essential spice" which has many recipes I'd still like to cook including Four-spice lamb curry (the spices are chilli, ginger, coriander & cumin), Cardamom rice brûlées, Crumbly cinnamon & chocolate squares as well as cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate. Sadly none of these recipes are available on the BBC Good Food website so I can't share them here.  Equally as sad was that as I was eating healthily this month I swerved those sweet recipes and having only recently cooked a lamb curry I gave that one a miss too.

One of the recipes that I had cooked before was the Lamb, black pudding & mustard hotpot and strangely I'd bought some lamb in the butchers before Easter along with some black pudding with this recipe in mind - it must have been in my subconscious somewhere as it was only last night that I realised it was in this magazine...

I did get to cook this Speedy Fish supper though, and it was very tasty.  I couldn't help but add some mediterranean style vegetables too and that worked well.  I did smile though as back in 2005 it seems that chorizo was a relatively new ingredient as there's a "Good Food Know-How" box explaining it's a paprika flavoured pork sausage from Spain. I suspect ten years on and most people know that, but it goes to show how food tastes change and really what a small world we now live in.



Also in this magazine:

  • Gizzi Erskine was working at Good Food following her graduation from Leiths, her recipes were due to be featured on the magazine cover the following month (and I've probably got that one too) - but didn't she do well?
  • I was tempted by the Spiced bulghar, chickpea and squash salad which looked both tasty and relatively healthy, but MOH scrunched his nose up at this and reminded me that after a (much) earlier attempt at bulghar wheat we'd renamed it vulgar wheat. I'm sure it's not as bad as we first thought as I think our tastes have changed and I'm sure if I'd put it in front of him it would have disappeared. I'd like to think I'm a better cook now too...
  • Jamie's bread recipes tempted me too - the potato & rosemary bread and the tomato bread were both screaming eat me - and sadly I think I would have done just that had I cooked them. And blown the healthy eating again.  Hmm, these are going on my To Cook list (I don't have one, but I think these should be on it)
  • 2005 was also the year that Masterchef went large with John Torode and Gregg Wallace taking over as presenters, and I think we know how successful that's been. Ten years on and they're still there, the format changes a bit each year and there's now a professional and a celebrity version too, so I'd say it's a major success.

So very little cooking from me this month, I'm hoping that'll change next month when I'll be jumping forward and using the Good Food Magazine from April 2006.

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