Word of the week: Swap

This week I've chosen swap as my word and it's not just weather related there's been a bigger swap this week.


So hasn't it been nice with the weather swapping to warmer days, even though the forecast is set to return to dull and cloudy for the weekend, just in time for everyone who's been working all week to enjoy... Ahem. It's been nice to swap winter boots and trainers for shoes and pumps and jeans and jeggings (that's such a funny word) for capri pants and such like. And as for not needing a coat, well it's been great. I'm hoping the warmer weather will return on Monday, just as people go back to work...

The bigger swap I hinted at before was my bike. We took our bikes to Norfolk over the Easter weekend and although I managed an almost 13km cycle mostly around the country lanes, it wasn't as enjoyable as I'd hoped as my bike was playing up. I had fifth gear and clown legs as I called the other four gears - and I'm sure you know what I mean, we've all seen someone cycling in the wrong gear and had a little chuckle to ourselves. I also discovered that Norfolk isn't as flat as they say. Discovering no gears and hills on the A149 wasn't the high spot as MOH cycled off into the distance, well out of bell-ringing earshot.  

We have a bell-ringing code you see - one ring means get moving again I'm behind you, two rings means slow down and constant ringing means stop now! But we were way past the constant ringing stage when I realised my gears were knackered. So as we were on the A149 with no pavement, there was only one thing to do and that was to keep going. Slowly. Thankfully the hill wasn't that steep - especially compared to those at home - and I turned off and caught MOH up on our planned route and where we were able to stop and inspect my bike.

Pretty quickly we saw that the cable into the gear shift was unattached and a closer look revealed the one into the hub was also dangling. We reattached them and it was slightly better but still not brilliant - I had fifth gear, half of fourth gear and three and a half gears of clown legs now! It was hard going but I made it round the loop we planned, although I abandoned cycling up the only real hill on the route - the one up into Old Hunstanton and walked up the path instead.

So when we were home it was another trip to Halfords. They were good and suggested replacing my bike, the options were to replace it with the same model (with the same enclosed gear system) or swap it for another model with a more usual gearing and one that if I encountered more problems they'd be able to work on. Given the amount of times my bike has been back to Halfords swapping the bike out really was a no brainer. MOH too had been doing some internet research and the hub on the Pendleton Ashwell wasn't getting great reviews, and although it's a lovely bike when everything is saying change, then change I did.

So my replacement bike is the Pendleton Somerby and as I said in my Cycle Routes post for March the harder decision was what colour to choose! I'd never liked the pastel blue and the one colour I was most tempted by - the cherry red - was the only one they didn't have in stock. The choice was between mint green or white with purple trim, and if you saw my instagram shot earlier in the week you'll know I went for the white and purple one. And in the sun the purple sparkles, so that's a bonus too...

And what's even better is that this one seems better at cycling up hills!  Win win. How's your week been?